Our team

Our team

Helen Middleton

Helen is currently semi-retired, working as a Psychologist in telehealth. 

Previously, Helen worked as a Secondary Guidance Officer in Qld and as a Psychologist in private practice specialising in adolescents and couples counselling. She has two Masters Degrees in Education and Psychotherapy and is the author of two books for young adults.

Andrew Schonfeldt

Andrew loves little quotes of wisdom or guidance….like: ‘happiness is when what you think, say and do are in alignment’.

Conscious of this, he volunteered for The Local Party during the 2022 Federal Election and was enthused by meeting and interacting with everyone. Another favourite quote is: ’is this the best we can be?’. There’s always ways to be better and that’s why he’s continuing in an organising capacity for LVN, to hopefully get some changes to business-as-usual politics.”


Leanne Minshull

Leanne is the publican at the Fern Tree Tavern in Hobart. Prior to this she established the Tasmanian branch of The Australia Institute. Before coming back to Hobart, Leanne worked nationally and internationally on climate and energy issues – with a particular lens on economic and community transitions.

Marly Flynn

Prior to retirement, Marly worked in a variety of roles including finance, project management and human resources, finally specialising in work health & safety. These roles were across government and private enterprise, as well as some work in the not-for profit sector.