Lara van Raay - Senate Candidate, Tasmania

I'm not the usual type of person who puts their hand up to go into politics, however I have never been one to shy away from calling out inequality or injustice.

We need people at the table who come from a variety of backgrounds, who can bring differing points of views and understandings.

Governing is about making decisions about what is best for the community, what is right, what is just and to analyse decisions and laws.

I grew up in the 80s when we had hope and our nation was called the “lucky country” and the “smart country”.

We had progressive ideas that were breaking barriers for single parents, women, migrants, refugees and many other vulnerable people.

It felt like we were going forward as a country.

We invested in educating our people, in research, manufacturing, science and the arts and because of that we developed some brilliant innovations in technology and we were a culturally vibrant nation. We were seen as a progressive nation.

Our future was bright, creative and full of hope.

And now, I believe we are being held back.

It's so deeply frustrating watching our country slip back in all areas, while this government strips funding we all so desperately need from health, science, research, arts, music and education.

I'm an awarded director, producer and cinematographer. I've spent my entire career in the media industry. I can see the system is being manipulated by those who have most to gain, while the voices of so many Australians go unheard or actively dismissed.

I can't sit by while injustice and inequality grows.

I can't sit by and watch the leaders of this country deliberately avoid action on climate change.

I can't sit by while there is so much corruption and dodgy, dubious deals going on that will have long lasting effects on me, and my children for decades to come.

It's not an option for me to watch all this and do nothing.

What I can do is stand up and say “enough is enough”.

I am 100% behind immediate climate action, fully funded science and research, fully funded public education, fully funded Aged Care, wage increases that meet CPI, a Federal ICAC with real and retrospective powers and all the other measures that help protect our environment, while progressing with smart and sustainable measures that put people way before profit. I also want a fully funded NDIS, Centrelink and ABC / SBS. The community deserves to have our taxes spent back on us and what we need with a functioning system that puts humans at the centre and makes life easier, not harder. It's pretty simple.

We deserve better.  Let's elect better

Reach out to me anytime [email protected]