About the Local Party

About the Local Party

The Local Party IS:

 A vehicle to put real people into parliament.

 Committed to action on reconciliation, climate action & corruption.

 Solutions bases and unifying rather than adversarial and divisive.

 A coalition of independents - who won't be told how to vote.

 Committed to basing its policies & decisions on the best available science.


The Local Party is NOT:

 A vehicle for career politicians

 Just another political party

 Replicating existing power structures

 A party that believes we already have all the answers


Party politics is broken. We need to move in a new direction – not just put new politicians into old and corrupt structures. The Local Party wants to make politics better. We are creating ways for people to be involved, not ostracised. We know we don’t have all the answers and we are okay with that. We do have the drive, energy and commitment to start making it better. 

We have started in Tasmania but are now spreading out across the continent.

Old party structures are not fit for purpose in the 21st century

Recent parliamentary events have shown what can happen when politicians put ‘the good of the party’ above the good of the people.  Allegiance to your own career over public good is unattractive in your co-worker, in your member of parliament it can be dangerous. The Local Party aims to change this political and personal culture from the bottom up. 

We’ve had enough of career politicians, always desperately trying to beat the other team, either dodging bullets or firing them. We want politicians who will help us flourish together. We want independent local leaders who are already contributing to their neighbourhoods. We want representatives who work with their communities to unleash their collective wisdom to find real solutions and real opportunities.

None of this will happen within our current adversarial party system.

That’s why we’ve created an entirely new type of political party.

Decisions directed by communities, not party factions and lobbyists

At the heart of The Local Party is a commitment to listening to, and being held accountable by, the community that you live in and are elected by. 

Every elected member in The Local Party will have a conscience vote on every piece of legislation put before them. 

Citizen juries to keep representatives accountable

Elected members are bound to hold at least two citizen’s juries in their electorate every year. 

Citizen juries work much the same way juries do. They give decision-making power to the people affected by those decisions, rather than leaving complex decisions to lobbyists, vested interests and experts deliberating behind closed doors.

Local candidates who are actually local

To be pre-selected for The Local Party, candidates must live in the electorate and already be involved with their community. Traditional parties often preselect candidates who are active in the party – promising to move into the electorate if they win. It’s just the wrong way around but somehow we have come to accept it as normal.